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Acnes can start to colonise the area under the plug and cause inflammation and damage. This bacterium only survives in normal skin viagra cialis levitra in Hyndburn very low levels as it likes to live in an environment where there is little or no oxygen. When you create a blockage as with acne, you create the environment for p. acnes. So antibiotics can help to reduce p. acnes, but they also hit other friendly skin bacteria and herein lies the problem. Staphylococcus epidermidis s. epidermidis lives on our skin and helps keep other nasty bacteria away. It likes an oxygen rich environment. The same antibiotics that reduce p. acnes often hit the s. epidermidis as well. This attack puts selective pressure on the bacteria to survive and within three or four weeks you can isolate resistant strains s. epidermidis on skin being treated with antibiotics. Now Staphylococcus epidermidis is related to Staphylococcus aureus s. aureus cousins if you like. aureus lives inside the body and s.

epidermidis lives on the skin. They meet at places such as the nose and other entrances into the body. They can pass information to each other viagra cialis levitra in Hyndburn the use of things called plasmids and it is highly likely information for developing resistance is transferred. Hey presto we have started the super bug development. The acne sufferer ends up in hospital for an operation. They get a wound infection either from their own bacteria but also through other bugs already there. aureus is a buy viagra cialis levitra in Hyndburn online bacterium that infects wounds. The antibiotics used for wound infections are often the same or similar to the one that has been used for the patients acne, and it is not surprising they find the antibiotics dont work as the bugs are already resistant. This resistant strain becomes the dominant resident s. aureus in the hospital and is extremely difficult to remove and can go on to infect many other patients.

Using a product such as Aknicare which has 4 antibacterial agents which control p. acnes by changing conditions in the area under the plug rather than directly destroying it means you can prevent damage and inflammation without breeding resistant bugs. Aknicare can reduce p. acnes and all the other key causes of an acneic skin inflammation, oil production, cell turnover all without breeding resistant bugs. As a final thought the main treatment for rosacea recommended on PRODIGY, the GP prescribing database recommends ROSEX creams and gels. Rosex contains the antibiotic metronidazole. Rosacea patients often use it for months and years. It works in a few. Metronidazole is also a powerful antioxidant and it is these properties that viagra cialis levitra in Hyndburn with rosacea symptoms, not the antibiotic properties.

Rosacea is not caused by bacteria. It is a sobering thought that the antibiotic most used in theatre to prevent infections during and shortly after surgery is metronidazole. Imagine if you had been using it for months or years before that operation. It is concerning to think the antibiotic you are using today could end up leading to someone dying in hospital in the near future. Change prescribing habits for acne and rosacea now and have an impact on MRSA in hospitals. Use Aknicare, a new medical device with a CE mark. Once in the drug tariff this should be prescribed by GPs. PCTs should act now Acne is often regarded as a major teenagers problem. Although there are several adults who also suffers from what we call adult acne. Adults in their twenties and beyond can still experience acne, and the negative effects of stress adds to the strain of having it pop up in their face.

Studies show buy viagra cialis levitra in Hyndburn online mental stress can be a major cause in developing acne for adults. Moreover, women are likely to suffer from it because they are more exposed to stress which they acquire throughout their daily lifestyle. They are also prone to hormonal imbalances, especially at times when they have their monthly menstruation and during pregnancy. The environment is another factor in developing adult acne. If your surroundings are always dirty, most likely all the dust will be carried through the wind and eventually land on your face. If left unwashed, these dust and dirt can clog up your pores and infect them making the pore inflamed. Just like teen acne, the best treatment that you can avail of is maintaining proper skin care and a healthy personal hygiene.


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