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5 of adults, Rachel has an anxiety disorder. Types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. At times the symptoms of anxiety can become so debilitating that those affected will not leave their home or attend social functions and their lives may become consumed by the effort to avoid people, places or situations which are likely to trigger feelings of anxiety. Traditional treatment for anxiety disorder has involved medication to help to lessen the symptoms of anxiety, and behavioral therapy to assist with coping and challenging irrational thoughts.

Treatment is generally expected to be long term. Zensight Process offers new hope to those with anxiety. In many cases, a practitioner who is very skilled with both Zensight and in working buy viagra cialis levitra in Long Beach online those with anxiety, can help someone to experience dramatic improvement and in some cases a complete elimination of symptoms in just a few sessions. In most situations, many individuals will be able to use Zensight on their own without ever consulting a practitioner at all to considerably improve and sometimes even eliminate their symptoms altogether.

Those who do choose to work with a therapist or practitioner to help support and accelerate their healing will also benefit from doing Zensight self-healing in between sessions, in order to obtain the best results. Zensight Process involves working with the subconscious mind in a way that is similar to hypnosis and yet no hypnosis is actually used. Instead, we begin by creating a healing symbol. This symbol can be a word, picture, or colour. Viagra cialis levitra in Long Beach people choose to use a symbol such as ocean. They then can focus on the word ocean when that feels right, and at other times may actually visualize the ocean. When this healing symbol is used or focused upon with intent, it allows the fears, concerns, and blocks that someone is experiencing to gently heal and transform. The healing symbol is then used together with healing statements and visualization, to soften, dissolve and release the concerns that are being experienced.

In a situation of viagra cialis levitra in Long Beach, the individual is instructed to stop and notice any visual image that comes to mind when she or he thinks about one of their specific concerns and then focus upon this image while connecting with the healing symbol that was chosen. This use of visualization helps to greatly accelerate healing because it does not rely upon the limits of our conscious mind and awareness. The visual image that comes up may be an actual representation of a specific fear or issue that is being experienced, or it may be something that viagra cialis levitra in Long Beach metaphorical in nature. I have had people tell me that they suddenly see a picture of themselves with their leg caught in a trap, or that they see a large grey object that they cant identify or make sense of. The different images that come up are highly variable and are not always understood by the person. The beauty of it is that they dont need to be understood.

The image is simply focused upon while connecting with the healing symbol, and is allowed to transform. What generally happens is that the image spontaneously transforms in a way that feels healing. The individual watches as the trap that was holding the leg simply dissolves and disappears. They see themselves then being able to move about freely and with a sense of contentment and peace. The big unexplained grey object morphs into a big egg which opens up and releases light and a feeling of peace that the person senses themselves absorbing as she or he watches. If the picture doesnt change, if no picture is seen, or in order to resolve any remaining upset, the individual uses healing statements. After each statement, the person takes a deep breath and lets it go, and focuses upon the healing symbol. Upsets are then healed and transformed, as positive feelings grow and strengthen. Examples of healing statements are I heal all of the fears that any parts of me have, that I cant get free of this problem I heal any and all feelings that any parts of me have, that I am trapped.

I let all of the parts of me know, deeply and completely, that I am safe. All of the different parts of me now experience a growing sense of peace and comfort. My entire body is relaxing now. Sound simple. It is extremely simple, and yet powerfully and deeply effective. Best of all, the effects are lasting - providing that energetic imbalances are addressed and healed, results will in most cases be permanent. Zensight can be used for much more than simply targeting specific symptoms. In the case of anxiety especially experiences of pervasive fear and anxiety it is best to begin by targeting energetic imbalances that are most likely being experienced. Someone who experiences frequent andor pervasive feelings of fear has an imbalance in his or her triple warmer meridian. The energy meridians have been widely recognized in Eastern medicine as impacting upon our emotional, physical, and mental concerns. Acupuncture is only one buy viagra cialis levitra in Long Beach online many modalities which focus upon bringing healing to the energy meridians.

The triple warmer meridian is the meridian in the body which governs the fightflightfreeze response. Sometimes often in response to an original event or series of events in which the individual felt intense fear or terror the triple warmer meridian becomes overenergized. In the case of anxiety, the emphasis will be upon the flightfreeze response, and the individual will quickly respond with fear to many situations which may to others appear innocuous. Trying to talk someone out of their fear often has little effect. Rachel rationally knows that the mark on her face was simply dirt and was no more an indicator of cancer than is a stain on her jeans. However, in spite of this awareness, and in spite of her logical mind which tells her she is safe and is overreacting, Rachel can not let the fear go. The problem that Rachel is experiencing is not in her mind so much as in her body and in her energy system.


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