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And like you and I they need food, shelter and a chance to be the best they can be. Right now they are doing the best with what theyve got. We are all a part of the human race. Why then do we, through the governments we elect and the huge corporations buy viagra cialis levitra in Rochdale online products we buy, refuse to lend our fellow humans a helping hand. They do their best to help themselves. Stephen Lewis visited a remote farm run by a group of women who were brave enough to declare openly that they were living with HIVAIDS. They had banded together and ran a market garden producing cabbages, which they sold at a nearby market. Stephen asked them what they did with the surplus money they generated. There was an awkward silence. They couldnt believe that the answer wasnt obvious. "We buy coffins …. there are never enough coffins. We, as a society, spend ever-increasing amounts of money on distractions and more efficient ways of killing each other, but pay no regard to the indescribable suffering of our fellow human beings.

Not much money at all will go a long way to providing drugs to help reign in the HIVAIDS pandemic. Not much money at all would pay school fees and provide food and although I dont know how to do it, money must surely be applied to giving love, comfort and practical support to the millions of children who have been forced to take over the family responsibilities of their dead parents. And what are we doing about it. Well WE, and that is all of us because WE voted in the current regime of western politicians, are doing nothing. Im not sure how many billions are being spent on wars in the Middle East and the machinery of war in other parts of the world. But I do know that it massively exceeds what is being spent to aid our fellow human beings. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, "We are one world and these children are our children. Their fate is our fate, each of us can make a difference. Everyone can help to save lives. " You, the reader, have the power to do something. Visit the Stephen Lewis Foundation website at httpwww.

stephenlewisfoundation. org and decide how you can help. Our governments and our corporations have so far, not been forthcoming. We are all members of the human viagra cialis levitra in Rochdale. Lets act with humanity. Global AIDS Alliance www. globalaidsalliance. org Global Action for Children www. globalactionforchildren. org You Get A Full Body Workout Viagra cialis levitra in Rochdale A Toned Torso With A Rowing Machine. One of the most complete cardiovascular exercises around has to be rowing. A proper workout on a rowing machine will tone all of the major muscle groups such as your legs, back and arms.

Rowing Machines, concept 2 rowing machines,rowing, rowing machine, concept 2, rowers, rower, concept 2 rower, The beauty of using a concept 2 rowing machine is first of all it doesnt involve water. This rower doesnt get you wet and there are no early morning trips to get your machine out of the boat shed. No cold changing rooms and gale force winds for your training session. And there is definately no need to find the nearest river to row your machine on. All you have to do is set it up in an adequately spacious area and away you go. There are lots of different machines available on the market. Although they generally fall into 2 categories The water rower, which contrary to their namesake, does not end up in you getting wet after a vigorous workout.

The machines are very beautifully designed and use enclosed water and paddles for resistance as opposed to air. These rowers tend to be quieter than air rowers and are just as much works of art as they are exercise machines. Then we have the concept 2 air rower. There are many other brands available but this piece of machinery is commonly accepted to be one of the best, if not the best. They are engineering masterpieces and are all calibrated to the same standard. So, if you do a certain time on a concept 2 rower, you can rest assured that, that time will be replicated exactly on another concept 2 machine. This is the reason why the world indoor rowing championships use the concept 2.


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