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Protecting them from dangerous childhood diseases has caused much worse problems. Another well known cause of autism is food sensitivity and allergy. Virtually every known mental problem may be caused by a normally harmless allergen - a simple food that has been " recognized" by that persons immune system as Viagra cialis levitra in Lakewood This seems to be caused by what is called "leaky gut syndrome". A major theory in this cause is that the malnourishment of the mother prior to birth and during initial feeding after birth opens the entrances from the gut too much in the attempt to obtain more needed vitamins and This larger "leaky gut opening" allows larger " particles" thru the gut walls into the portal vein. Instead of digested single amino acids, or simple combinations of a few amino acids, longer chains of amino acids are allowed thru. These larger than "normal" collections of amino acids viagra cialis levitra in Lakewood then be recognized by the immune system as possible viruses, bacteria, or even parasites.

This particular collection of amino acids is now a distinct allergen to that person, even though There are possibly many other minor causes andor combinations of causes. We know very little about the evolution of our immune system, and how allergysensitivity is developed. What can we do to "normalize" autistic children. What are the answers that we already know. Bfont size1The Mercury Toxicity ProblemB As a former orthomolecular psychologist, mineral toxicity is well known to me. Ive seen several schizophrenic patients "cured" that suffered from The first step is diagnosis of this problem. Is mineral toxicity involved. There are several different ways to diagnose mineral toxicity. In my opinion the best way is a mineral hair analysis.

Most MDs prefer a 24 hour urine collection. Actual blood tests and urine and It seems that all toxic minerals are stopped from getting into the brain by the filtering and storage facility of the liver. A large amount of mercury getting to the brain would be very dangerous, so the liver stops it and stores it, and then gradually releases as small an amount back into the bloodstream so that it can be excreted. Hair is an excretion route, and an inch or so of hair tells a "history" of mineral excretion over a period of weeks. While hair analysis isnt very accurate insofar as amount in the body, its very accurate as to whats been A hair analysis would be my first step towards Supposing that the hair analysis came back showing large amounts of mercury. What to do next. The answer is some form of chelation. Chelation means "to grab onto". There are several drugs that do this for minerals. In the blood stream, these drugs EDTA and others literally grab onto minerals, and allow them to exit the body thru the kidneyurine excretion system.

This usually involves going to a chelation clinic, sitting for an hour or so with a needle in the arm. Its not that uncomfortable, although a small child might find it so. This procedure is done several times over a period of. One problem with this is that because the chelation agent drug "claws onto" all minerals in the blood stream, it takes out essential minerals as well as the toxic ones. So, it becomes very necessary to supplement the minerals our bodies need for everyday use. In effect, taking all out, good and bad, and putting back Its also buy viagra cialis levitra in Lakewood online cheap, as it involves "doctor time". I successfully used a cheap and effective alternate in my practice. Vitamin C. Vitamin C combines with minerals in the bloodstream metabolically to form a mineral "Ascorbate" combination that is also water soluble and passes out thru the same kidneyurine exit.


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