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It is therefore important to know or be familiar with your own body chemistry first before trying experimenting with blending perfumes. First, lets differentiate between the various types of perfumes. Basically, a perfume is a mixture of aromatic compounds and diluted in alcohol and water. The amounts of aromatic oils dissolve in a blend determine if it can be called a perfume or a cologne. Arranged from highest concentration of oils to lowest the sequence would be perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and body splash. When we say perfume, the blend of aromatic oils is from 25 to 40. Eau du parfum, meanwhile, are 15-30 aromatics. Eau du Cologne has even lighter aromatic oil contents. This type of scent usually has around 5-15 aromatic compounds. Toilet water or sometimes referred to as body splash has only 3-5 aromatics.

Body splash are ideally used after you take a bath or shower. When you make your own perfume, you get to choose which solvent you would use to dilute the blend. Available at your disposal are either jojoba or alcohol. Both have distinct differences and benefits. Jojoba is great for perfume blends because it never turns rancid. When you have created your own perfume blend, it is best that you use the perfume only on your pulse points. Anywhere more and you might overdo the scent. For diluting the blend the traditional way, you use grain alcohol or a high grade proof of vodka. Alcohol makes the blend more volatile. The problem with alcohol is that you have to let the perfume blend evolve.

If you dont the scent will smell more like an alcohol rather than a perfume. Usual proportions of alcohol and perfume blend is about three or four ml of the blend combined with five or 10 drops of alcohol. Making your own perfume should be fun. Dont delve too viagra cialis levitra in Littleton on the technicality of viagra cialis levitra in Littleton perfumes. Explore and try to make combinations that are unheard off. You never know, the resulting blend might be perfect to your body chemistry. Scents and fragrances react differently when applied to your body. Choosing one that fits you is like choosing the right color of dress or the right pair of shoes to wear. Perfumes cannot just be worn buy viagra cialis levitra in Littleton. online The resulting scent might be catastrophic. Thats why you need to experiment more when making your own perfume.

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