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The first, and most common approach, is focused on prostrate stimulation. The concept of pounding a woman during intercourse is nothing more than a man stimulating his prostrate. The second approach to stimulation is focused on penis-head stimulation. When a man is engaged in sexual intercourse, these two types of stimulation are usually blended together resulting in maximum pleasure. This accounts for why most men are interested in intercourse over masturbation. When masturbating, the vast majority of men achieve orgasm primarily from prostrate stimulation even though most of them dont directly stimulate their prostrate. What happens, is that as men stroke their penis shaft andor their penis head, the majority of them either hit the base of their penis with their hand or they bend their penis, or they jerk on their penis as they stroke, all of which indirectly stimulate the prostrate. This leads to an orgasm that is based primarily on prostrate stimulation.

Early in a mans sexual life, he will typically learn a given set of techniques that will bring him to orgasm. From then on, for the most part, he will use the same approach for the rest of his life. For most men, masturbating in a way that stimulates the prostrate is initially more pleasurable and generally leads to orgasm more quickly which explains why the majority of men initially learn to reach orgasm based on prostrate-based stimulation as young men trying to figure it all out, they are trying to reach orgasm before someone catches them or starts wondering whats going on. And, because most men will tend to use the same technique they learned early on, few will ever experiment with other options. To prove the sensitivity of prostrate stimulation, try pounding your woman during your next intercourse session where your pelvic area the area surrounding the base of your penis is solidly hitting her body but dont hurt her doggy style is a good position for this test and see how quickly you start to feel those orgasmic feelings climbing.

Then, continue stroking her but do not allow your pelvic area to hit her and notice that the orgasmic feelings either stop climbing or they may even subside slightly. Now, the reason all of this is important is because there is a significant side-effect with a prostrate-induced orgasm. When orgasm is achieved through prostrate-based stimulation, the prostrate is so sensitive from the stimulation that the contractions that occur in order to expel semen called the expulsion stage are severely hampered. As a point of comparison, its like tickling a ticklish person until they inadvertently urinate. They lose the control they normally have over their body functions because of the over-stimulation they feel from the tickling.

Viagra cialis levitra in East Riding the same way as the tickling analogy, when orgasm is reached by prostrate-based stimulation, viagra cialis levitra in East Riding body is hampered in its ability to ejaculate because of the extent of stimulation. If you would like to see this hampering effect in full force, have your woman masturbate your penis and simultaneously finger your rectum. As she fingers your rectum, she should focus her anal rubbing motions on the area that is between her fingers and your penis which is where the prostrate is located.

While an orgasm in this fashion is very pleasurable, you will find that when you orgasm, you will have virtually no control over your ejaculation and your sperm will ooze and dribble out of you with even less force than you are used to. In the absence of your woman, you can use a vibrator for the same effect. One Simple Test Can Help You Fight The Battle Against Colon Cancer Colorectal cancer CRC is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States for both women and men. However, when detected and treated early, colorectal cancer has a five-year survival rate of greater than 90 percent. Colorectal cancer CRC is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States for both women and men.

This disease surpasses both breast and prostate cancer in mortality, second only to lung cancer in the number of cancer deaths. Despite the fact that it is highly preventable, it is estimated that 148,610 new cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed and 55,170 people will die from the disease in 2006. However, when detected and treated early, colorectal cancer has a five-year survival rate of greater than 90 percent. For that reason, routine screening is vital in the prevention and detection of this deadly disease. According to the American Cancer Society, "beginning at age 50, both men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should follow one of these five testing schedules and8226; yearly fecal occult blood test FOBT or fecal immunochemical test FIT and8226; flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years and8226; yearly FOBT or FIT plus flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years and8226; double-contrast barium enema every five years and8226; colonoscopy every 10 years For FOBT, the take-home multiple sample method should viagra cialis levitra in East Riding used.

The combination of yearly FOBT or FIT plus flexible sigmoid-oscopy every five years is preferred over either of these options alone. All positive tests should be followed up with colonoscopy. " One simple, easy-to-use test is Quidels QuickVue iFOB test. QuickVue iFOB is a fecal immunochemical test FIT where the sample is collected by the patient in the privacy of hisher home and mailed to the physician for testing. The test detects the presence of blood in stool specimens, an indication of a number of gastrointestinal disorders, including colorectal cancer.

The QuickVue iFOB test requires only one specimen. Because it is specific to human hemoglobin blood, there are no dietary restrictions and only certain medication restrictions, distinguishing it from guaiac-based tests that have onerous restrictions. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, in comparison with guaiac-based tests, commonly known as Fecal Occult Blood Tests FOBTs, immunochemical tests are more patient-friendly. "We are committed to saving lives through early screening and detection of colon cancer," said John Tamerius, Ph. D.Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Quidel Corporation. "We believe our unique, patient-friendly sample collection device makes this screening process as easy as possible for the patient. " Despite these recent advancements in CRC screening, less than 50 percent of people age 50 or older have had a recent test. There appears buy viagra cialis levitra in East Riding online be a significant opportunity for CRC prevention since it takes an average of 10 years for cancerous cells to develop.

Therefore, if youre over the age of 50 or have a family history of colon cancer, you should speak with your physician about taking an iFOB test. The test is simple, takes a minimal amount of time and may help save your life. Online Casinos List of the Most Graphic Online casinos are graphically designed to ensure you viagra cialis levitra in East Riding a great casino experience. Here, I examine some of the most graphic ones. online casinos,grahics,graphic arts,display,displays,casino games,casinos,casino,casinos Online casinos are plenty and they differ when it comes to the amount of games, customer service, free cash they hand out and many other features that pertain to the legally binding contract between the player and the casino.

But there are other features that are usually ignored by those reviewing the many online casinos available online, and it is precisely one of these features the graphic quality of the site, that we have examined. Want to play online games and have a great time. Play at these graphically enhanced online casinos Offering new casino software and a bonus of 555 dollars would be enough to want me to play there, but once I downloaded the game system, I gasped. The layout of their hall reminds me of that of Caesars Palace, and once, you start playing with life-like images you fell as if you were standing in a real casino. And, as if that was not enough, the tables are covered with a lace-like surface that increases the casino ambience and takes it to another level completely. In addition, Golden Casino is loosely affiliated with some of the top names in the casino industry today such as Golden Palace and others. Striking because of its blue contours viagra cialis levitra in East Riding curves, Crystal Palace not only offers a graphic display that reminds you of a desert oasis or a car rally, but it also uses a correct and colourful combination of colours buy viagra cialis levitra in East Riding online order to create the total graphic experience.

It is not enough that their games are fast, flash-oriented and versatile, each one can be played using different graphic displays and settings thus boggling the mind with peace that helps you concentrate solely on the game you are playing. They are one of the major slot machine initiators, and their slots are perfectly matched between a light and slot experience. Appearing at first hazy and blurry with a tinge of dark green, you will not even hope for what comes next.


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