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The disconnection from your inner self, nature, and God, has led to excessive confusion. Thank God for meditation; it allows you to harness the power of the mind, settle down, and focus, on one subject at a time. If you take the time for a daily meditation practice, your decision-making process will be much more controlled and clear. The end result will be to look at the monkey with much more respect, appreciation, and a bit of humor. Meditation Basics Counting breaths is not like counting sheep. "Just close your eyes and count your breaths," they say. How simple can it be. "Dont think about anything else though. Just concentrate on your breathing. " Well, anyone who has tried this "simple" meditation knows that it just isnt that easy. meditate, meditation, relax, calm, anxiety, stress There are many obstacles to this seemingly effortless task. Our minds tend to wander naturally. If we try buy viagra cialis levitra in Parma online completely focus on anything for more than a few seconds, random thoughts take over.

And breathing is boring; lets face it. How can you concentrate on something so mundane when there are much more interesting things racing around in your head. A typical session might go like this I close my eyes, sit viagra cialis levitra in Parma, and begin counting. Inhale one, inhale two, inhale. "Am I doing this right. I guess so, Im already on. oh three. " Inhale four. "Now, am I supposed to start over at one or just keep going?" Inhale one, inhale two, inhale three, inhale four. "Wow, Im really getting the hang of this. Oops. " Inhale one, inhale two. "Did I remember to pay the phone bill. Im sure I did. Im really good at staying on top of my bills. Not like Susan, shes always. Darn, I did it again. " Inhale one, inhale two. The good news is it does get better with practice. The bad news is it can still be a struggle for experienced meditators, especially during busy or turbulent periods in ones life.

Luckily, there is more good news. There are some specific things you can do to help you focus and reduce the frustration in your meditation practice. In this article, I would like to offer three tips to help you with your practice. They are Observe dont control, be compassionate, and enjoy yourself. First, dont force or try to control your breathing. This is a mistake that a lot of beginners make. Many inexperienced meditators consciously or unconsciously alter their breathing in an effort to focus on it. What results is an exaggerated and often irregular breathing pattern. This can actually inhibit your meditation rather than help it.

What you want to do is just "watch" your breathing. You dont have to exert any additional effort at all. If you just wait and observe, you will breathe. Then, you can count. Of course, we all know this but many people still find themselves forcing viagra cialis levitra in Parma.


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