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Tyrrell talked about buy viagra cialis levitra in Poole online current Phase III studies, The trials are ongoing. All of the patients have successfully completed their surgery and front-line chemotherapy and are now in what we call the watchful waiting period. It is in this phase that we treat the patients with OvaRex MAb with the hopes of increasing the time to disease relapse. He explained the recurrence rate is very high in the stage III IV late forms of ovarian cancer, with a time to relapse of about 10. 4 months. Patients who have turned to OvaRex hope to viagra cialis levitra in Poole that relapse. Tyrrell noted, In the original study, the average time to relapse was delayed by about 14 months. If we can achieve that difference or better in the current Phase III trials, it would be a major advance for the treatment of ovarian cancer. He expects an analysis of the current OvaRex MAb studies to be completed by the second or third quarter of 2007.

What makes OvaRex MAb different from other immunotherapeutic treatments is, instead of attacking the bodys cancerous cells directly, the monoclonal antibody targets the cancerous antigen in circulation. Some believe it helps retrain the bodys immune system to fight the ovarian cancer cells. The mechanism that reportedly has made OvaRex MAb effective is how it alerts the body to recognize and fight the CA-125. ViRexx has addressed the tolerance problem a body suffers when it has become inflicted with a malignant tumor. The hypothesis behind the tolerance issue is that the body fails to recognize the CA-125 antigen as harmful. Introducing a foreign antibody, in this case the mouse antibody against CA125, the bodys defense systems are awakened to the ovarian cancer cells. This begins a chain reaction alerting the immune system to battle the invading antibody CA125 complex. The bodys defense systems are reprogrammed to attack the CA-125 antigen and seek to destroy it.

Along with that destruction comes the attempt of the immune response to eliminate the cancerous cells from the body. As with many pioneering scientific breakthroughs, serendipity is what lies behind the OvaRex MAb story. As one technology was being developed, another the murine monoclonal antibody treatment for ovarian cancer came about by accident. We talked to its inventor, Dr. Antoine Noujaim, about the biotech drugs roots. It came out of the imaging technology, the Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta explained. In the early 1980s, biotech companies, such as Immunomedics and Cytomedics were researching tumors and using antibodies to image the tumors so they could be evaluated in a cancer patients body.

I worked with Dr. Mike Longenecker and we established a company called Biomira Toronto BRA in 1984, Dr. Noujaim recalled. We had a number of targets and then needed to make specific antibodies. Part of his effort was to target certain cancers, such as prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. We developed antibodies against a mucin, which is really a glycopeptide, explained Dr. Noujaim. Its a peptide that has a lot of sugars on it present in the ascitis fluid from ovarian cancer patients. That is how Dr. Noujaim and his team developed the very early antibody which is now used for OvaRex MAb.


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