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Once youve gained some confidence, you can then increase the time and level of activity. Learn how to exercise without boredom and how to stick to your plan. exercise diet weight-loss fitness If you make the wise decision of trying to get more exercise, youll need to figure out what you are able to do and how long you are able to do it. Im not talking about what you could do in your glory days. Im talking about what you can do right now. Ill give you an example. When I was in college, I wasnt very fat or heavy at all. I used to jog three miles a day religiously, until the day I got a job, and then I just didnt seem to have the time for it anymore. With a little patience and a lot of junk food, I grew to be over 60 pounds heavier than my former self.

Then, out of the blue sky, I decided to take up jogging again. I bought a pair of cheap running viagra cialis levitra in Lewes and headed for the local high school track. There was quite a variety of people walking, running, and playing soccer. I saw a few high school-aged people and even some women and men over 60 or 70 years old. I thought, This is great, I can look forward to 40 more years of jogging. I remembered that I had liked to stretch before the three-mile-joy-ride, so I stretched out my thighs, calves, and any other leg muscles I could think of. I was set to go, and I couldnt wait to get the runners high that I used to experience daily. The first ten steps were a little bit uncomfortable, and of course they would be.

I hadnt attempted to jog in seven years and 60 pounds. But I only need to run twelve laps, I thought to myself. That would be three miles. I started out strong, but within the first half lap, I had slowed considerably and I was having trouble breathing. This isnt how I remembered it. What was going on. I feared I might collapse right here on the track, and then the grandma runners would pass me up one by one and laugh. I couldnt let that happen. Since I could barely run, or breathe, I decided to start limping. It didnt matter which leg I chose as long as it remained consistent. I slowly limped onto the grass in the center of the track and pretended to be assessing the damage to my leg.

I was actually sucking wind quite violently. A few people stopped to ask if I was all right. All I could think to say was, Damn, its the same muscle I pulled six months ago. buy Viagra cialis levitra in Lewes online glad they didnt ask me which muscle. I then massaged my leg all over but concentrated most of my efforts on my left ankle. Within five minutes I was up and limping again, this time straight towards my car. Even though I seemed to pull off the fake limping act, I still felt miserable. I hadnt even run one lousy lap. I got in my car and raced away.

I couldnt go straight home until I had collected all of my painful thoughts and sorted them out. Instead, I headed to the one place that I felt most welcome.


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