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There are countless negative side effects of too much stress in our lives, so anything that you can do to alleviate stress is beneficial. Go for quiet walks, surround yourself with positive people, meditate, and make sure that you have some time to yourself occasionally. Learn to say no - you cant be all things to all people. Lastly, a diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and veggies is invaluable. The body thrives on all things raw and vital. Grains and nuts are also full of necessary protein, and sprouts such as wheatgrass are the ultimate mineral supplement when juiced.

Buy yourself a good cold press juicer, such as the Greenpower Kempo, and make your own fresh fruit juices. Pure water is also important. Our bodies are 70 water so it makes sense to drink the purest water possible. Dehydration also has a negative impact on energy, so if youre tired you may want to try drinking lots of water. The fact is that, at this stage, we arent really sure why the human body ages. Until we have a better grip on the process of aging we wont be able to combat it effectively. Despite this, chances are that, if we lead a healthy lifestyle and occasionally indulge in anti-aging products such as cosmetics, we have a reasonable chance of aging gracefully. Budda had the right idea when he said Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care. So far, even science cant beat that advice. Anti-Aging Rule Choose Your Friends Carefully My mother always reminded her kids that people judge you by the company you keep. The admonition was meant primarily for my brother who tended to prefer the company of neighborhood rowdies the kids who ran around with their shirttail hanging out, their knickers not pulled up, their hair uncombed, and used inappropriate language like gosh and gee whiz.

Yes, yes, I know. But that was back in the Dark Ages. She was right people do judge you by people with whom you a. She was right people do judge you by people with whom you associate. But in our contemporary culture, few people are concerned about the judgment of others. However, if you are at midlife, and you want to retain youthful characteristics and vibrant good health, the company you keep is very important for a reason rarely discussed. And that reason is this We develop old thinking and behaviors from observation and emulation of old or older people we associate with most frequently. They could be family members, close friends, neighbors, or co-workers. And lets not forget the influence of archaic conventional wisdom and consensus thinking. Oldness is insidious and viral. You really have to watch what you allow into your head and adopt as your own. Does someone in your family insist on being catered to not because of an infirmity but because Ive done for others all of my life, and now its time for others to do for me.

Grandma did it, so you do it, too. We should do for our elders, but not when elders are perfectly capable of caring for themselves. Its unkind and unwise to encourage dependence. If entitlement or other "old age" behavior causes unhappiness in your family, it can stop with you. Aside from family life, one of the best places to catch the oldness virus is in retirement viagra cialis levitra in Chula Vista or any living situation where you are in contact primarily with people your own age. Retirement communities, for the most part, are beautiful. They are quiet, well maintained and many offer amenities that can keep you going nonstop Trips, classes, social and sports events, state of the art exercise equipment, music, arts, crafts, tennis, swimming, theater - you name it. What more could you want if you are over 50.

What you should want, and must want, if you are determined to Put Old on Hold is regular association with people of ALL ages and circumstances. If you are at midlife 50-55, healthy, and choose to buy into a retirement community, think about the environment you will be in for a very long time. In a new community that stresses active lifestyles, there will probably be many residents about your age. But what happens as time goes on. Assuming the viagra cialis levitra in Chula Vista remains stable, there probably wont be too many younger people moving in over the years. You may consider that a bonus, but remember this Over time, your closest friends and acquaintances will likely be those within the community, especially if your lifestyle becomes more settled. This is something to consider ahead of time. The life span has increased by 27 years in the past century. Those bonus years represent a long time to live in a situation where predominant topics of conversation, eventually, will be about aches, pains, which neighbor is in the hospital or who died last week, and which widower is up for grabs, and what his favorite casserole is.

The reality is this If you are viagra cialis levitra in Chula Vista midlife and you choose to segregate yourself in a seniors-only environment, the oldness virus will get you sooner than later. Young people, as irritating as they often can be, can also be open, patient, kind, understanding and tolerant. For me, one of the joys of working is the opportunity to interact with young people. On more than one occasion, their presence has helped me lighten up on impatience and crankiness. You cannot pay for that kind buy viagra cialis levitra in Chula Vista online therapy. Exposure to young people is essential if you want to broaden your worldview and stay current with what is happening beyond your world and circle of friends.


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