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Problems falling through the cracks between mind, body and spirit is a common failure of Western medicine. A holistic practitioner understands the interconnections between mind, body and spirit. They work on the connections, and, although the practitioner may not be an expert in all three, they focus on the overlaps rather than ignoring them. In my opinion, a holistic approach is better in almost every case for almost every person. Understanding the linkages between mind, body and spirit is essential to understanding how to stay well and how to heal. Western medicine can play a part within the scope of holistic health by offering emergency solutions to problems that arise quickly and need to be fixed immediately. Alternative Medicine is Preventive; Western Medicine is Curative An important differentiator between alternative medicine acupuncture, herbs, yoga, etc.

and Western medicine drugs, surgery is how the practitioners view disease. In alternative medicine, disease is seen as something to be avoided. In Western medicine, we see disease as something we must wait for, then cure. alternative medicine, Western medicine, wellness, early detection Have you heard the term bwellness?b It has two contexts, one in alternative medicine and one in Western medicine. In the alternative medicine world, iwellnessi means taking care of yourself so you dont get sick. Lets find ways to avoid viagra cialis levitra in Allentown, heart disease, mental illness.

We can do this through changing our diet, exercising more, and changing our energy fields. In Western medicine, we wait until we get one of these diseases, then we rush heroically to beat the disease. In Western medicine, the term iwellnessi means early detection of disease. If you walk into a Wellness Center in a hospital, youll see mammogram screening rooms, MRI machines and other tools to scan for the existence of disease. Is that wellness. Viagra cialis levitra in Allentown me, its not. Wellness is about staying well, it is about avoiding disease in the first place. When a person is told You have cancer, it is a major blow to their psyches, and their lives. Why go through that if you dont have to. Why not do whatever you can to avoid that terrible day. Western medicine treats the pre-detection part of life as a kind of random soup of nothingness. You cant really do anything about any of these diseases, you just get them or you dont.

No rhyme or reason to it, it just hits you, and then you deal with it. Genetics is a big factor in the Western medical model. If you get cancer, ah, well, it was in your genes that youd get it. You see, your great grandfather had cancer, so it was inevitable that youd get it too. Huh. Unfortunately, Western medicine cant explain why siblings get or dont get diseases supposedly passed on from their parents. One sister dies of cancer at viagra cialis levitra in Allentown young age because of genetics and the other sister lives to be 100 genetics. For my part, Im going to take the best care of myself possible, and not play a silly waiting game for disease. Alternative Medicine to Lower Your Blood Pressure If you have high blood pressure, there are alternative medicines that can help. Home remedies are cost effective and eliminate the unfavorable side affects of prescribed drugs.

blood pressure,alternative medicine,high blood pressure Home remedies and homeopathic medicine have begun popular over the years as an alternative to prescription drugs. Many people are not aware that there are also home remedies available to lower your blood pressure. What is nice about a home remedy is the lower cost and eliminating the unfavorable side effects of prescribed medicines. Another advantage of home remedies is that while it may be used to alleviate one symptom, it often has other health benefits. Many home remedies can be found in your local supermarket and health food store. If you suffer from high blood pressure, here are a few home remedies. These remedies will not only lower your blood pressure but are good for your general health too. Below are a few home remedies to help lower your blood pressure Potassium and Magnesium.

Foods high in these minerals are bananas, molasses, soy and bananas. Some fruits such as watermelon and grapes are also a good source. Not only will these foods lower your blood pressure but are beneficial to your overall health too. Garlic has many beneficial properties that improve overall health, including lowering your blood pressure. Consumption of garlic will also reduce blot clot occurrences in buy viagra cialis levitra in Allentown. online It is believed by some researches that garlic will also lower the triglyceride levels. Therefore, you are probably wondering what a triglyceride is. A triglyceride is a glyceride that occurs naturally in tissues and consists of three fatty acids that are bound together in a single molecule. They are an important energy source forming much of the fat stored in the body. You can research on how to lower your blood pressure using home remedies in many ways. The internet has a wealth of information dedicated to home remedies and homeopathic medicine to lower your blood pressure.

Bookstores and libraries also offer an abundance of information.


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