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So what is the answer. The answer lies in the fundamental truth that the most efficient way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and to monitor your calorie intake so that you consume less than you are burning up. If you up your level of activity too then you will have the added bonus of an increased level of fitness and will speed up the process. Only in this way can you ultimately ensure a healthy and consistent weight loss. Permanent weight loss cannot be found in a bottle, it doesnt happen overnight either, and it certainly wont come by itself. You have to make the decision to lose weight and then take control of your diet. Once youve done that, youre on the road to a slimmer, healthier and happier you. A simple way to work out your own BMI is to divide your weight in kilograms squared by your height in centimetres.

So for example, if your height is 160 centimetres and your weight is 60 kilograms, you divide 60 x 60 by 160. 60 x 60 3600 divided by 160 is 22. You have a BMI of 22. 5, which is well within the normal range Weight Loss Motivation Guidelines Personal motivation is the foundation of all weight loss success. No matter viagra cialis levitra in San Luis Obispo healthy a diet-plan, it wont help anyone lose weight unless they are motivated to change their eating and exercise habits. A major obstacle to diet-compliance is boredom. Anne Collins explains how viagra cialis levitra in San Luis Obispo overcome it by adopting new thinking habits that make weight loss a lot easier. weight loss, motivation, diet, lose weight, dieting, diet-compliance If there is one thing that all dietitians and obesity experts agree on, it is that personal motivation is the foundation of all weight loss success. No matter how healthy the diet-plan, or what combination of calories and nutrition it contains, it wont help anyone lose weight unless they follow it for long enough.

Their willingness to do so depends entirely on how motivated they are to change their eating and exercise habits in order to achieve their weight loss goals. br bMotivation Advice Hard To Findbbr The Internet offers a bewildering array of diets and weight loss eating plans, but advice on motivation when dieting is in extremely short supply. Given the strong link between diet-compliance and motivation, this lack of motivational help is surprising to say the least. It may stem from the fact that many diets are created by people who lack hands-on experience of helping people to manage their weight. Perhaps they see weight loss as a biological rather than a human process. If so, I think its a mistake. br bMotivating Yourself To Lose Weightbbr I tell all my clients that starting a weight loss diet is like starting a journey.

And like any journey it requires preparation. We need to look ahead and plan how to overcome problems that occur along the way. By doing this we take control of the process and greatly increase our chances of success. br Unfortunately, many dieters dont plan ahead. Instead, they take things as they come, and rely upon two things their buy viagra cialis levitra in San Luis Obispo online enthusiasm, and when this wears off their willpower. But enthusiasm and willpower arent enough to overcome the temptations and difficulties which we face when we try to change our eating habits and lifestyle. br Stop for a moment and imagine taking your family on a camping trip. Do you rely on your enthusiasm and willpower for food and shelter. Of course not. In all probability you spend hours beforehand carefully packing and preparing for every eventuality, and the whole trip is carefully planned out in advance.

br Yet when you start a diet-journey, many of you set off without any kind of planning or preparation. Its as if you are convinced that everything will go smoothly. But lets face it, what diet ever runs smoothly. Answer none. So what happens when we encounter a big problem. Answer we wobble, and often quit. br bWe Need To Plan New Thinking Habitsbbr Planning a diet-journey doesnt involve packing equipment, it involves packing "new thoughts". We need to rehearse and adopt new ways of thinking in order to overcome problems during our journey. This isnt psycho-babble - this is plain common sense. After all, successful dieting is largely a matter of motivation and attitude. Its about what goes on between our ears!br bThe Most Common Dieting Problembbr The most common problem we face when dieting is boredom. This typically occurs when our initial enthusiasm for losing weight wears off, and we become tired of watching what we eat. We become dispirited, and slightly depressed at the idea of having to maintain our "sensible eating habits" while everyone else seems to be having a good time.


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