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Menopause can leave you feeling like youve been beaten on. Muscles respond to hormonal changes by feeling sore and cranky. Sleep loss can make you ache. Non-restorative sleep is a hallmark of fibromyalgia. Lack of calcium and other minerals can make your bones ache. Whether you are dealing with these challenges, or the greater problem of fibromyalgia, why not give Wise Woman Ways a try. The remedies listed here have been remarkably successful in helping many women. "People with fibromyalgia arent just sensitive to pain; they also find loud noises, strong odors, and bright lights aversive.

" - Daniel Clauw, MD, Director Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, Georgetown University Having a support group is one of the strongest factors in keeping fibromyalgia under control. Homeopathic IArnicaI is an amazing remedy for sore and aching muscles. Daily use of homeopathic IRhus toxicodendronI reduced pain by 25 percent in those with fibromyalgia. Make a list of things you are sore upset, angry about. Where do these things live in your body. With the help of an experienced bodyworker, loosen those places. Women with fibromyalgia are very likely to be survivors of trauma sexual or domestic violence, alcoholism. Go back to your Mother. Float in the ocean. Lie belly down on the earth. Naked. Let her ease you. Let her heal you. Listen to a relaxation tape. Have someone show you how to do the yoga position called the "Corpse Pose". Learn how to bring yourself to a deep state of inner quiet and peaceful mind. Hypnotherapy can help you gain some degree of mental control over their symptoms.

Cognitive behavior therapy is also helpful. Consistent use of nourishing herbal infusions, especially Bcomfrey leafB and Bstinging nettleB, in place of coffee, tea, and sodas is the single most effective thing I know for mitigating and overcoming fibromyalgia. Gentle exercise - walks, yoga or tai chi practices - keeps muscles from weakening and becoming more painful. Experts suggest starting with as little as three minutes a day, and gradually building to at least four sessions of five minutes each per day. Persist; the reward is worth it. Regular consumption of yogurt also proves very helpful for those with fibromyalgia. Perhaps it is due to yogurts ability to strengthen and nourish immunity; some suspect fibromyalgia is a result of immune system malfunction.

Magnesium is a critical nutrient for preventing pain in muscles and connective tissues. Legumes, whole grains, leafy greens and nourishing buy viagra cialis levitra in Cape Girardeau online infusions - like nettle and oatstraw - are the best sources. Moxibustion is also known as needleless acupuncture. Safe and easy to do at home by yourself, moxibustion gives fast relief from sore joints and aching muscles. It not only relieves pain but tonifies, decreasing future pain and gradually effecting a "cure. " You can buy a moxa "cigar" at an Oriental pharmacy or health food store. Bring the glowing end of the moxa after lighting it near the painful area and move it around in small slow spirals until the heat becomes too intense. This may take a few minutes or many. Pain relief is usually immediate and often lasts for twelve or more hours.

Tinctures of willow bark or spirea 1-2 dropperfuls1-2 ml is a dose are highly recommended as important green allies by women dealing with fibromyalgia. Joans wort tincture - viagra cialis levitra in Cape Girardeau capsules, not the tea - is a powerful ally for women with fibromyalgia. It is one of the best muscle relaxants I have ever used. A 25-30 drop dose not only stops but also prevents muscle aches. I have used it as frequently as every twenty minutes for ten doses when the occasion has necessitated it. Joans wort prevents soreness when taken after exercise; and even better if taken before. I take a dose every hour while on an airplane to prevent muscle aches and jetlag. Regular massage from an experienced therapist stimulates the circulation of blood and energy, relieves pain, reduces fatigue, and eases stiffness. Avoid deep tissue massage; it increases pain. Light strokes and gentle myofascial releases are more helpful. Chiropractic manipulations are of little benefit.


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