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Skin Cancer, Alternative Medicine, Health, Cancer, Books There are over one million new cases buy viagra cialis levitra in Wilmington online skin cancer diagnosed every year in the United States, representing about half of all cancers diagnosed in the country. And skin cancer on a dramatic increase. There are twice as many skin cancers in our population today as there were 20 years ago. Given this rate of increase, chances are about 5050 that you will develop at least one skin cancer lesion if you live to age 70. This is especially true if you are fair-skinned. While skin cancer can occur in people of all races, those with lighter skin have a much higher risk because their skin contains less of the pigment melanin, which helps protect against an overdose of the suns damaging ultraviolet rays, which can lead to skin cancer over time.

The effect is apparently cumulative. A body of evidence also suggests that this also applies if you decide to go the "fake bake" route of the tanning salons. Thankfully, most skin cancers, about 95 percent, are not life threatening. Skin cancer falls into two broad areas basal-cell cancer sqamous-cell cancer, and melanoma. The two most common of these cancers are the basal-cell and sqamous-cell carcinomas. These typically are easily treated, usually with surgery, and rarely lead to death. If neglected, however, over time, these can eventually lead to disfigurement andor can spread with dire consequences. Only about 5 percent of all skin cancers are malignant melanomas, but these are far more dangerous and account for almost all deaths viagra cialis levitra in Wilmington to skin cancer.

This aggressive form of cancer needs to be addressed immediately. Like most cancers, the risk of malignant melanomas will increase with age. If you feel you have developed any type of skin cancer be sure to see a dermatologist at once. Most skin cancers, as one might imagine, occur on the face, neck and hands as these are the areas that receive the most exposure to the sun due to the fact that most of us wear clothes. These are also the areas that are most exposed to the view of others. As the usual AMAs American Medical Association approach to skin cancer is knife and needle, this can leave unsightly scars just where you might not want any. But there are alternatives. Having had a number of non-melanoma skin cancers, Ive had the opportunity to try both the AMA have the scars to prove it as well as several "alternative" approaches. The method of treatment that Ive settled on is the herb Chaparral. Chaparral is a plant that grows in the deserts of the southwestern U. and has been used historically by the indigenous populations of the region for a number of ailments.

Today, it can be found in powder form at most health food stores. A small bag is all one needs and only cost a few bucks. I make a paste by mixing the powder with wheat germ oil also found at your viagra cialis levitra in Wilmington health food store and apply it directly to the lesion. Then I cover it with a Band-Aid. I do this once in the morning after my shower and again in the evening for six or seven days- carefully removing viagra cialis levitra in Wilmington old paste with a Q-tip. The advantages I have found are as follows No pain. Perhaps a slight tingling at first. As chaparral only targets the cancerous cells, without affecting the surrounding normal tissue, my skin can quickly begin to repair itself naturally after the cancer is gone leaving usually just a "new skin" pink spot for several months.

And all this at a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure. If this all seems a bit strange to you, please understand that this is nothing new. There are a number of books that have been written that offer other non-evasive, less painful methods of treating basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers as well. I would recommend the book, iThe Skin Cancer Answer The Natural Treatment for Basal and Sqamos-Cell Carcinomas and Keratosesi. This book is priced right, easy to read and provides you with what many might feel is a better method of treatment. But check around- and see what work best for you, knowing that many others have taken the non-AMA approach.

In any event, use a dermatologist to diagnose what type of skin condition you might have, discuss it with him, but know that there may be cost effective, alternatives to the knife and needle. Skin Care- An Overview Of Treatments For Excess Perspiration The main treatments of excess perspiration are - Use of antiperspirants, Botulinum toxin Botox, Surgery, Iontophoresis, and Anticholinergic drugs The main treatments of excess perspiration are - Use of antiperspirants, Botulinum toxin Botox, Surgery, Iontophoresis, and Anticholinergic drugs. Let us look at them in more detail. Antiperspirants- this is the first treatment to be tried for anybody with excessive perspiration. Antiperspirants are metal salts, mainly aluminum salts that are used to block the sweat glands and block the sweat from coming on the skin surface. Botulinum buy viagra cialis levitra in Wilmington online Botox- Botulinum toxin paralyzes muscles. That is why it is commonly used to treat wrinkles.

Its injections also block the action of the nerves that activate sweat glands to produce sweat. The treatment may be painful for injecting the toxin in the palms or soles of feet, because multiple injections are given with a very fine needle near the sweat glands. If your doctor misses some glands, you will continue to sweat from there. Depending on your response, the injections may be repeated after about six months or more. Surgery- In common surgical procedure, the sweat glands are removed. In some cases a surgery called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is performed in which nerves are cut so that they cannot pass on the message to sweat glands. Surgery cannot stop sweat all over the body but only for certain parts such as armpits or hands. This kind of surgery is now done using endoscopes and is less painful compared to the surgery of earlier times. But with ETS, you may begin sweating more profusely from other parts of your body. This kind of surgery is not preferred by many surgeons and before any surgery you must talk about all possible results and side effects with your surgeon.


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