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When hair that is naturally at the end of its life cycle is removed through brushing, it allows another hair to grow underneath it. Regular brushing naturally removes dead hair that is ready to fall out. Not removing that hair means new growth cannot occur, as the old hair smothers the new growth. Dirt and oil build up can have a similar effect, so its important to wash hair regularly. Stress can affect the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp, by causing the muscles in the scalp to tighten. If this happens over a long period of time, premature hair loss can occur.

This cause of hair loss is distinct from male pattern baldness which is hormonal, but it can certainly exacerbate the condition. And stress reduction techniques are simple things that can be added to a daily routine, to prevent hair loss, and improve the overall quality of life. New Research Reveals the Dark Side of Skin Lightening Cosmetics An ingredient previously banned from skin lightening cosmetic creams due to its damaging effects on the skin has now been found to cause cancer, claims a review published by Dr W Westerhof and T Kooyerstwo of Europes leading authorities on pigmentation in dermatology. pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation treatment, Thiospot, melasma, chloasma Hydroquinone was banned from use within cosmetics in January 2001 due to its well documented topical effects on skin, however new research has shown that it also may have more worrying long term effects and the review expresses concern that hydroquinone is still ending up on the UK market via two routes.

Firstly a significant amount of hydroquinone creams are still imported from countries where it is yet to be banned, and a strong black market trade exists in the UK. Secondly and more concerning is the news that companies can still sell products containing arbutin and bearberry legally. Arbutin is the glycoside of hydroquinone, and bearberry is a natural source of arbutin. Once in the skin arbutin releases hydroquinone, so many people are still coming into contact with this molecule. The ingredient hydroquinone has been used for decades as a skin lightening agent and for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation following skin conditions such as acne, liver spots, burns and post-pregnancy masks. Dr Westerhofs review documents its ability to cause blood cancers, for example leukaemia, and kidney damage in animal studies. When applied to the skin it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and excreted slowly via the kidneys, suggesting that hydroquinone accumulates in the body.

It is broken down in the bone marrow and this is where long-term damage may start. Theo buy Viagra cialis levitra in Grand Rapids online states that it is worrying to think that people are unaware that they are still coming into contact with hydroquinone and also they are not aware of the extreme, long-term side effects that this ingredient can cause. The EEC is yet to deliver its verdict on substitute sources of hydroquinone but it is important to get the message out there that "safer alternatives are available. " Since the banning of hydroquinone, General Viagra cialis levitra in Grand Rapids a major research based dermacosmetic company, led by Dr Gianfranco de Paoli Ambrosihas investigated alternatives and has tested and developed a product called Thiospot that is just as effective as hydroquinone but without the risks.

Thiospot is made up of natural ingredients that build up in the skin over a number of weeks, safely slowing down excess pigment production so lighter skin cells migrating to the skin surface. New Resource For Information On Genetic Or Rare Diseases An unexpected diagnosis of a serious illness often comes as a shock to people receiving the news, as well as their families and friends. To help in these situations, the National Institutes of Health has established the Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center GARD. An unexpected diagnosis of a serious illness often comes as a shock to people receiving the news, as well as their families and friends. When the disease is rare or genetic, information is hard to find and even harder to understand. Patients and their loved ones may waste hours sorting through outdated, unreliable information before finding anything useful. To help in these situations, the National Institutes of Health has established the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center GARD.

Funded by the NIHs National Human Genome Research Institute and the Office of Rare Diseases, the Center is staffed by information specialists, viagra cialis levitra in Grand Rapids of whom have experience in genetic counseling. Theyve provided up-to-date and accurate, personalized information about almost 4,000 genetic and rare diseases. Since February 2002, GARD staff members have responded to more than 12,000 inquiries on rare and genetic diseases. These inquiries come from patients, their families and friends, health care professionals, teachers, researchers and others in either English or Spanish.

GARDs impact can be measured by more than statistics. Many of those who have taken advantage of this free service have responded enthusiastically. For example, ". thank you very much for the time, energy and expertise that went into gathering these resources for me.


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