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Have someone else take out the trash. Have hubby change your toddler when hes home. Its the least he can do. And dont be shy about telling someone who has bad breath, noxious perfume or cigarette smells on them that youre in a delicate condition and need some fresh air. During my pregnancies, my husband had to switch to unscented deodorant and soap, viagra cialis levitra in Jefferson City I couldnt hug him. If cooking smells make you ill, take a break from your usual garlic and onion specialties. Dont be a martyr. Hubby will understand that you cant make his favorite sausage and peppers for a while. Prepare meals that wont stink up the kitchen.

Green main dish salads with cold, cut up chicken, steak or hard boiled eggs. Sandwiches are good too. Put a couple of drops of lavender, mint or lemon essential oil these oils are generally regarded as safe to use during pregnancy on cotton balls and keep these in various locations. the kitchen, bathroom, your purse and in the car. Take a whiff when you feel sick. Put a few drops on your pillow. 6 Take it easy- but dont forget exercise I know, I know. exercise is the last thing you want to do when you can hardly get your face out of the toilet. But if you force yourself to take even a ten minute walk outside every day, it WILL help. But do try to take it easy, avoid stress as much as possible, and rest as much as you can. Youre doing the very important job of growing a baby. Explain to your other children why youre feeling poorly and that it wont last forever.

Call in favors and ask friends to come over to play with your 2 year old for an hour so you can sleep, or ask them to cook extra when they make dinner tonight and bring you a dish. When you feel a bout of nausea coming on, try to lay down for a few minutes in a dark room with your eyes closed. Sometimes if you do this the episode will pass. Sometimes when youre so miserable its easy to forget whats making you so sick. Remember that statistically, women who experience nausea and vomiting of pregnancy are more likely to carry the pregnancy to term. One of my midwives told me that she always viagra cialis levitra in Jefferson City when a Mom comes in for her first prenatal feeling wonderful.

the chances of her miscarrying are higher. So rejoice in your strong hormones. Read pregnancy magazines, birth stories on the Internet, look through maternity clothing catalogs, do whatever you need to do to cheer yourself up and get yourself in the mood for a new baby. Try eating candied ginger or sipping ginger tea. I found ginger in capsules to be too harsh and they hurt terribly if they did come back up. Brewers yeast capsules work for some Moms. Try sucking on lemon slices when youre feeling a wave of nausea.

Sip mint tea or chew mint gum to help dry up excessive buy viagra cialis levitra in Jefferson City online that may trigger nausea. If you have trouble brushing your teeth due to an overactive gag reflex, switch to using baking soda for awhile. Viagra cialis levitra in Jefferson City foaming of regular toothpaste may be too much. And brush your teeth in shifts if you need to. first the top teeth, then a few minutes later the bottom teeth, then your tongue, etc. Avoid getting overheated or chilled. Extremes in temperature can trigger vomiting. Try Sea-Bands, available at large drug stores. Theyre designed for motion sickness but helps some pregnant women. Go with your cravings, within reason. For some reason, pizza and Taco Bell always hit the spot during my pregnancies. Clean the toilet daily, even if its the only household chore you can do right now.

Better yet, have someone else do it. And wear your hair up for awhile. If youre going to be throwing up, at least you will have your hair out of the way and a clean bowl to hug.


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