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In your eyes I see a thousand setting suns, Glorious and mighty, more days are done. In your eyes I see the beauty in a simple flower, the majesty. the sweetness. the power. In your eyes I see what could be, faithfully, lovingly, you and me. In your eyes my world spins round your voice. passion the sound. Mostly in your eyes I see love. Saying that eyes are the most effective and expressive tools of communication would indeed be no understatement. They mirror a persons myriad moods and emotions. Eyes have fascinated poets since time buy viagra cialis levitra in Ankeny. online We humans are blessed with a highly developed brain which decodes the stimuli from five sense organs and draws an inference about the object beheld. God has blessed us with eyes to enjoy the beauty and variety offered by the world he has created around us. Hence our eyes deserve some amount of special care. According to the ayurveda many factors affect the function of eyes, reducing their efficiency and causing discomfort.

According to ayurveda the diseases of eyes are caused by the vitiation of tridoshas. Tridoshas vatha, pitta and kapha function normally in their respective channels viagra cialis levitra in Ankeny places, when they are in balanced condition. The main factors, which vitiate these doshas in eyes, are- Taking cold bath after a brisk exercise or after roaming in hot climate. Straining the eyes for very long hours. Keeping awake for very long time, sleeping in afternoon. Moving in dust, polluted environment and in smoke. Using the microscope continuously, All these factors vitiate the doshas of eyes and cause numerous diseases of eye. Tired eyes are mostly caused by allergies, fatigue, over strain of eyes, infection and inadequate supply of oxygen to tissues of eyes. The main symptoms of tired eyes are dryness and irritation Give rest to your eyes by closing them for a minutes interval in between work hours. Have a good nights sleep for 6- 7 hrs. Place fresh slice of cucumber on eyes for few minutes.

This revitalizes eyes. Wash your eyes with cold water several times in a day. Mix few drops of rose water in a cup of water. Dip two cotton gauzes in it and place them on your eyes for few minutes. Consult an ophthalmologist if itching, redness or discomfort persists. Tears flow down our eyes when we are sad or too happy. But our eyes are always protected by a thin film of tear. This film represents aap dhatu or jaladhatu water element according to ayurveda. or jala Viagra cialis levitra in Ankeny. The tear film keeps our vision clear and protects our eyes from irritations. Reduction in production of tears causes variation in tear film and dries it. This condition is called as dry eyes. Age- As we get old the tear production reduces causing dry eyes. This is more prevalent in women than men. Systemic diseases Medical Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma etc.


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