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It is an acute diarrhea illness which causes lots of problem to your entire system. Sometimes the symptoms are very mild which are not even detected sometimes till the time it gets severe. It is transmitted mainly due to ingesting drinking water which is contaminated due to loss of cleanliness, eating half cooked meals or not properly cooked food like fish. natural remedies, natural cure, nature cures, home remedies Some of the basic symptoms which can be seen during the attack of cholera are diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and dehydration. It may not be that serious disease but death can also occur due to the loss of fluid which causes dehydration and also loss of life. When such kinds of disease are left untreated then there is high rate of death. Sometimes the situation is so bad that death can occur within matter of hours. Your body plays host to this disease for nearly two to five days. Some of the precautions you can adhere to while suffering from this disease is to have boiled water or treat it with chlorine or iodine, other boiled beverages such as coffee and tea are very good too, make sure to have food which are cooked thoroughly, undercooked meals is not good in this kind of condition, avoid having salads which are not cooked and some of the basic precaution which can be taken.

Cholera can be treated easily without much of a hassle. If the loss of salts and fluids are replaced immediately then major part of treatment gets over in that time. They can be done by oral rehydration solution and if it is an epidemic it cannot be stopped immediately. Although Cholera can be controlled easily, unless you take proper precautions, this condition could escalate into something serious. Please contact your physician immediately on experiencing buy viagra cialis levitra in Three Rivers online irregular conditions in your body or any of the symptoms mentioned above. Cayenne Pepper And Water Diet - Fad or Fiction.

Have you heard of the cayenne pepper and water diet. Controversy has recently surrounded the so-called cayenne pepper and water diet, primarily due to its association with Beyonce Knowles who apparently lost 20 pounds during filming for the movie "Dreamgirls" living only on cayenne pepper and water. The facts viagra cialis levitra in Three Rivers not in dispute, the actress did apparently lose weight quickly over a short period and there is no reason to dispute how this was achieved. cayenne pepper and water diet,cayenne pepper water diet, water diet,cayenne pepper diet However the question that must be asked is can this be called a "diet". Some would say that what Beyonce Knowles did was simply starve herself of food, surviving solely on liquids.

Surely the cayenne pepper had no noticeable effects other than perhaps adding a little taste to the water. It should perhaps be noted that there are certainly recorded health benefits associated with cayenne pepper, including aiding digestion, strengthening of the heart, claims it contains mild pain relieving qualities, and there are even reports of using cayenne as a dressing for wounds. Even taking these reported benefits into account, can this cayenne pepper and water diet really be called a diet. It should more properly be seen as a purely starvation exercise undertaken by a committed actor wishing to lose weight quickly in pursuit of her art and career, presumably with the safety net afforded to highly paid and closely monitored movie stars. Presumably she will have been surrounded by assistants and helpers who would have been immediately on hand had Beyonce suffered from any starvation effects or ill health. The danger in this story as with other fad diets is that impressionable people, young girls in particular, will have heard about this seemingly miraculous cayenne pepper and water diet and will wish to try it themselves, without any regard to the obvious and significant health dangers inherent in starving yourself in such a way.

In particular this form of dieting could be very damaging if sustained for any length of time, any form of fasting should be carefully monitored for signs of deteriorating health. It should also be said that this story and the controversy it has created are not the fault of Beyonce Knowles, rather it is created by media hype attempting to profit from the possibility others may try and follow her example. In recent times other actors have been required to lose weight quickly for their future roles, for example Christian Bale in the movie The Machinist. The actor dropped his weight to a dangerously low level by reportedly eating a single apple and a tin of tuna every day, but this did not become the "apple and tuna" fad diet, probably because Christian Bale does not have the same widespread fashionable image as Beyonce. So in conclusion is this really a Diet. I would suggest not, with the hype surrounding it currently it could be categorized as a fad, and potentially a dangerous one.

The only safe way to permanently lose weight is to eat healthy food, eat in moderation, and crucially undertake regular exercise. If you do this you will burn excess fat, your arteries will stay clear and healthy and you wont risk damaging your body by starving it of the food it needs to stay fit and healthy. Cayenne pepper could help Stomach Ulcers Cayenne pepper can increases the flow of digestive secretions from the salivary, gastric and intestinal glands, without aggravating peptic or duodenal ulcers. Cayenne, cayenne pepper, red pepper, Capsicum If you suffer from a peptic or duodenal ulcer, the last thing you might consider taking is hot Cayenne Pepper. This goes against everything youve ever heard about what aggravates an ulcer, the facts are that most "spicy" foods do just the opposite. Capsicum A href"httpvitanetonline.

comdescription1130vitaminsCayenne"Cayenne PepperA can reduce pain which serves as a local anesthetic to ulcerated tissue in the stomach and can even help to control bleeding in the stomach. BR Some individuals may be bothered by eating "Red Pepper" or spicy foods, these foods do not cause the formation of gastric ulcers in normal people. An interesting note is that people suffering from ulcers usually avoid Cayenne Pepper, in fact those people may actually benefit from its therapeutic action. BR Taking Capsicum may significantly reduce the risk of ever developing a peptic ulcer. A Chinese study published in 1995 stated, "Our data supports the hypothesis that the viagra cialis levitra in Three Rivers used has a protective effect against peptic ulcer disease.


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