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Become a Teacher. The only way that we ever learn anything new is from someone else. As you begin to value yourself as the Golden Goose you really are, youll begin to notice other women struggling to do it all. Share what you have learned with them and what helps you feel good about yourself. Never Mistake the Egg as the Gift. We have become a society that values things more than people. It is often joked, tongue-in-cheek that you are only as good as your last accomplishment. That is the ultimate lie. We are not viagra cialis levitra in Avondale collection of the things that we do, the sale that we make, or the goal that is conquered. You are the gift.

You are the Golden Goose. The egg is just the last thing you created. Wherever you are right now in your life, please stop for a moment and hear this truth. The true gold lies not in the outcome or accomplishment, it is in the process of creating. When you give yourself a little space and care for the golden goose inside you, you will once again lay a golden egg. Dont worry, there is no where to go, you have everything you need for the blissful life you desire. You just forgot where the true gold lives-inside of you. PS To help you remember the gold that you are, Ive created some postcards for you to download. Two to keep and two to share with another Golden Goose that needs encouragement. Please visit us at www. distinctivelydiva. comgoldenegg.

html to download your free postcards. Special thanks to D. Ashliman for the translations of Aesops Fable, The Golden Goose. httpwww. pitt. edudashgoldfowl. htmlaesop Say Good Bye to a Dry and Dull Skin… Apart from these everyday products, you should choose buy viagra cialis levitra in Avondale online cosmetics too with a great care. Any bad product can harm your skin. Never use products of unknown brands and without reading its ingredients. If you use mascara in daily routine, go for Kiss Me Mascara for a much easy and friendly way of using it. Kiss me Mascara is clinically tested and is perfect for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers.


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