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It was the single significant difference between the two groups in the study. The results of the Diabetes Prevention Project only confirm what has been the best advice in dieting circles for years - losing weight with a balanced diet and exercise is the healthiest way there is. For more information on the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association, visit their web site at httpwww. diabetes. org If you are like me you probably thought diabetes is viagra cialis levitra in Pharr of those things you have or dont have; nothing could be further from the truth because diabetes is now the biggest threat to health in the developed world and we are eating ourselves into it because of poor diet. First question is how prevalent is diabetes. Using Australia as an example that has a total population of around 20 million inhabitants, in the last full year official figures show 70,000 people were diagno.

diabetes, diet, fitness, exercise Using Australia as an example that has a total population of around 20 million inhabitants, in the last full year official figures show 70,000 people were diagnosed with diabetes during the year. That is equal to one extra person diagnosed every seven minutes 247. At present 700,000 people are diagnosed with having diabetes and a conservative figure indicate that for each person diagnosed there is another that is not diagnosed but does suffer from diabetes. that is 1. 4 million sufferers out of a total population of 20 million. - More than 5 and growing by the day. The organization Diabetes Australia forecast that by the year 2010 the number of sufferers could be close to 10 of population. This rate of increase is happening throughout the developed world and is caused by lack of exercise and poor diet.

We could be quite cruel here and say that people are queuing to shorten their lifespan because diabetes does reduce your lifespan. The answer to this epidemic is in the hands of each of us. We must exercise more and be more conscious of what we eat. Attention to diet should start from a very young age; in particular we should concentrate on serving sizes and avoiding fatty buy viagra cialis levitra in Pharr. online Yes that does include every childs favorite burger and fries. Once a month does little harm if the children are active, once a week causes damage even if they are active. We all need to be conscious of seven servings of fruit and vegetables each day in our diet and also the need to back a good diet with reasonable exercise, like walking.

People most at risk of type 2 diabetes, the most common, are overweight and do not exercise. They may have high blood pressure andor high cholesterol, if you fit this category ask your doctor to check for diabetes next time you visit. I saved the scariest fact for last The total number of people in Australia with diabetes or "pre-diabetes" is 3. 2 million or 15. 1 of the total population. Each of these people will have a reduced lifespan. This article is c copyright David McCarthy 2006. Diabetes has many complications, some leading to other serious health conditions. Eye problems are of particular concern to diabetics. diabetes, diabetic, diabetic eye problems Diabetes can play havoc with your eyes, and sometimes there are no early sumptoms.

So you may have no idea anything is wrong until your eyesight is in danger. Here are the main eye problems that can be caused, or made worse, by diabetes. These are often described as a clouding of the lens of the eye. They are treatable by surgery in most cases. Our eyes are largely made up of fluid, and when the pressure of that fluid builds up too much inside the eye, you have glaucoma. Left untreated, it can damage the optic nerves, and even lead to blindness. Lining the back of our eyes is light-sensitive tissue known as the retina. The retina contains very small blood vessels that can be damaged by diabetic retinopathy.

Sometimes there are symptoms such as blurred vision, but often you wont even know anything is wrong until the condition is well advanced. In the worse case, it leads to blindness. Early detection is the key to battling all of these conditions, and the best diagnostic tool available is the dilated eye examination. This is a test in which special eye drops temporarily enlarge your pupils, allowing the doctor to see the back of your eyes. This test which is painless can detect cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy in their early, treatable stages. Eyesight is precious, viagra cialis levitra in Pharr if you have diabetes do yourself a favor and make an appointment for your dilated eye examination.

And then do it again every year from now on. Diabetes has many complications, some leading to other serious health conditions. Diabetics need to pay particular attention to their feet. diabetes, diabetic, diabetic foot problems We diabetics have to take special care of our feet, or we can find them troubled in two ways reduced blood circulation and nerve viagra cialis levitra in Pharr. Heres what to look for and some prevention ideas. If your feet are constantly cold, your legs are sore when you walk, or your feet hurt in bed at night, you may be suffering from poor blood circulation. This, in turn, can slow down the process of healing when you have cuts or other damage to your feet. Staying physically active is one way to help improve your circulation.


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