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Irritants present in environment smoke, dust, wind, sun, dry climate. Life styles Working in front of computer for longer hours, reading for long hours, driving. Varied Composition of tears Tears are a mixture of water, fatty oils, proteins, electrolytes, etc. According to ayurveda principles the vitiated vayu causes this condition Signs and symptoms of dry eyes Usually both eyes get affected in this condition. Itching, burning or stinging sensation in eyes as if a foreign substance is inside. You feel it very difficult to wear contact lenses. Eyes get tired easily. Secretion of mucus in the form of threads, around eyes.

Eyes get very quickly irritated when exposed to smoke or wind. If the above mentioned symptoms persist for a prolonged period please consult an ophthalmologist. Avoid direct blowing of air through hair driers, fans or air conditioners. Wear cooling glasses when it is too sunny or windy. Wear swimming glasses to prevent excess irritation. Dont forget to blink when you work in front of computer or while reading or while watching TV Boil castor leaves in water and allow it to cool down, when this decoction is lukewarm dip cotton gauze it and place it both eyes. When gauze becomes cold it can be dipped once again in the decoction and placef on the eyes. Boil two spoons of triphala powder in a glass of water until it reduces to quarter of a glass, when it is lukewarm filter it and add a spoon of honey.

Drinking this decoction every day strengthens the eyes. Dark Circles are a common beauty complaint. Nine out of 10 people have dark circles under their eyes at one time or another, the skin beneath our eyes is very thin. As we get exposed to sun rays, the skin under the eyes gets damaged and becomes more thin and wrinkled. The veins below this thin skin start looking prominent. Thus the wrinkles and prominent veins form dark circles. Some times pigmentation also causes dark viagra cialis levitra in Oakland Park. Conceal the dark circles through make up techniques. Do not use bleach or peels to make the dark circles light. Apply mild moisturizer under eyes take care not to apply it too much. Lightly tap the under eye skin with one or two fingers to increase the blood circulation.

Treat the cause of illness mentioned above. Sleep for sufficiently long hours. Do not scratch the under eye skin. Take good diet, which is rich in nutrients. Causes Conjunctivitis may be caused by viruses, bacteria or allergic substances like pollen or dust. Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria buy viagra cialis levitra in Oakland Park online virus may affect one or both eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis affects both eyes. The most common symptoms are- Redness, itching, grittily feeling, tearing and discharge from one or both eyes. Blurred vision and sensitivity to light also accompany the above symptoms.

Avoid Using others eye cosmetics and sharing your cosmetics with others. Do not touch your eyes repeatedly with your hands. Wash your hands repeatedly and thoroughly. change pillow covers frequently.


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