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But. the human eye cannot see a wrinkle. What the eye sees is actually the shadow made by the wrinkle. And, since all those billions of microscopic nanoprisms refract light, when you use Deception. For more information, please check out Deception Wrinkle Cream - Anti Wrinkle Cream New Drug May Offer Ways To Tame Menopause Since it was discovered that the risks of hormone therapy outweighed the benefits, scientists have been searching for a safe, natural way to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Participants are currently being recruited for a follow-up clinical trial of a treatment known as MF101 developed by Bionovo, Inc. In its initial clinical trial, MF101 provided women in the study with preliminary evidence of relief from such symptoms as hot flashes and night sweats, without the risks associated with hormone therapy.

The treatment being tested clinically targets only one of the two known estrogen receptors-the estrogen receptor beta. Laboratory data has shown that MF101 does not cause the proliferation of breast or uterine cancer cells the way hormone therapy can, making the drug a safer alternative to currently available hormone therapies. In 2002, the Womens Health Initiative WHI Estrogen Plus Progestin Trial, with over 16,000 women participants, was stopped early when it was found that the buy viagra cialis levitra in Gedling online dose of combination hormone therapy increased the risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart attacks, blood clots and dementia. "Given viagra cialis levitra in Gedling void that exists for a safe and effective treatment for menopausal symptoms, our aim is to discover and develop novel drugs such as MF101 that can abate many of the symptoms that have historically been treated with hormones," said Dr. Mary Tagliaferri. Tagliaferri is co-author of "The New Menopause Book The Experts Help You Make Informed Decisions on HRT, Natural Hormone Therapy, Herbal Therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine And More" Avery, 2006 and Chief Medical Officer of Bionovo, which is developing the drug.

The clinical trials will take place under the directorship of renowned researcher Dr. Deborah Grady at four leading academic medical centers. Bionovo expects this Phase 2 trial to be completed viagra cialis levitra in Gedling the second quarter of 2007. "If this new drug proves to be effective, we will be providing health care practitioners with a treatment they can comfortably recommend to women experiencing menopause," said Dr. Tagliaferri. New Effort To Verify Supplement Labels Theres news that may make concerns about the safety of dietary supplements easier to swallow. Theres news that may make concerns about the safety of dietary supplements easier to swallow. While millions take them each year, many consumers dont realize that supplements, which include vitamins, minerals and other nutritional products, are not regulated by the government as stringently as medications.

Fortunately, steps are being taken to make sure that whats stated on the label is whats viagra cialis levitra in Gedling contained in the product. To help consumers make good purchasing decisions, United States Pharmacopeia USP, a leading organization that verifies dietary supplements, has created a program to help inform consumers who use dietary supplements. The verification program evaluates and verifies dietary supplements according to stringent requirements for purity, accuracy of ingredient labeling and proper and sanitary manufacturing practices. Once supplements meet these requirements, USP allows manufacturers to prominently display the verified mark on the label.


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