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Eyes,pink eye,conjunctivitis,alternative medicine,amyloidosis,athletes foot,bags under eyes,bee sting,black eye,blackheads,blemishes,canker sore,canker sores,celiac disease,chest pain,cholera,chronic,chronic fatigue,cirrhosis,clear up,clearing up,cold sore,cold sores,colitis,congestive heart Youre probably familiar with a little disease called pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis. If you havent experienced this nasty little inconvenience first-hand, you may have a child or know someone whos child has had it. And although it is most commonly known to occur in children, it does affect people of all ages. Pink eye can be very contagious, although not in all circumstances. The contagious type is brought on by a virus or bacteria.

The non-contagious type is brought on mostly by allergies. You will know if you have pink eye because the whites of your eyes become red, hence the pink, swollen and generally irritated. The lids and area around the eye can also become red and the infected eye will sometimes frequently tear and or produce a funny-colored discharge. Sometimes it even causes the eyes to become sensitive to light. If not properly taken care of, pink eye can become quite a serious situation, and if it viagra cialis levitra in Woking to be getting worse, you should definitely see a doctor. Pink Eye starts in one eye and very often spreads to the other, usually due to touching your eyes and transferring it from one to the other. Be sure to wash your hands every time you touch your eyes so as not to spread the disease.

Those with pink eye should also not wear contact lenses or any eye makeup as these things will further irritate the ailment. If you have used eye makeup while experiencing this discomfort, throw it away and also wash any pillow cases or towels that have made contact with the infected eyes. If the pink eye is not the contagious kind, and if the infection has not yet become serious, there are certain remedies you can try before consulting a doctor. Over-the-counter eye drops or eye washes sometimes alleviate and reduce the viagra cialis levitra in Woking. You can also try a warm compress to help relieve the discomfort and remove any crust that has formed around the eye. You might want to also ask your pharmacist if they can offer any suggestions for over-the-counter medications. If pain is occurring in the infected eye, or if it feels like there is a foreign object in it, or any discharge is present for more than 24 hours, this is most likely the contagious version of pink eye.

You should consult a physician because antibiotics for eyes are only available through a prescription. If your doctor does prescribe any ointment or drops, take care not to touch the applicator tip to the infected eye as you could possibly spread the pink eye. Placenta for radiant skin. Truth or Myth. Let us look behind the mystery of this seemingly gruesome "delicacy". skin whitening, skin lightening, fair skin, dark skin, pigmentation, wrinkles In the 2004 movie, Three Extremes, Chinese actress Bai Ling raised eyebrows playing an unlicensed midwife who makes dumplings out of aborted foetus and placentas. She sold them to rich women who believed that consuming them would reverse the signs of aging.

Although Bai herself claims to be disgusted by the idea of eating placentas, there are rumours aplenty of other celebrities who do it in the hope of improving their health by regaining a youthful complexion. Singaporean actor Andew Seow,36, for one, has been waiting for years to get his hands in a placenta. He said "I have seen people who have taken it, and I believe it works. " He says he has heard stories that youthful looking Taiwanese actress Lin Ching-hsia, 53, was taught by her mother to "slice it and eat it with porridge". Then there is another un-named actress, who, after giving birth, had "super skin, a super chest and a super butt" because she is known to have eaten the organ which is "full of amino acids and proteins", he says.

Despite being vegetarian, Seow does not baulk at the thought of consuming something which, when raw, resembles a slimy, bloody liver. "A placenta", he says, "naturally comes out with the baby, if it is not used, it is just wasted. " biOrigins of Speciesib A placenta is an organ rich in buy viagra cialis levitra in Woking online vessels that develops in female mammals during pregnancy. It lines the uterine wall and partially envelopes the foetus, to which it is attached by the umbilical cord. At full term, it is about 18 cm long and 5 cm thick. It is expelled during child birth, forming part of the after birth. Its function is to transfer oxygen and nutrients from mother to the foetus. It also releases carbon dioxide and waste from the foetus through the umbilical cord to be disposed by of the mother.

Dr Peter Chew, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, says that though people have been talking about "frying, drying and eating placentas" for years, his patients rarely ask to keep theirs. He says "Placenta are full of hormones, so theoretically, they should improve the complexion, even though theres no medical evidence to support this. " As for the possibility of dangerous side effect from consuming it, he says "theres no harm, seeing its your own bodys organ.


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