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Not surprisingly, kissing often transmits cold sores. In fact, the Roman emperor Tiberius once banned public kissing because of an outbreak of cold sores in the Roman capitol. Until science develops a vaccine for the herpes virus, the medical treatment of cold sores will continue to consist of ointments that numb the blisters, anti-viral drugs, antibiotics that control secondary bacterial infections, and ointments that soften the crusts of the sores. A natural cold sore treatment will focus on nutritional supplements like zinc or amino acids, Echinacea and topical antiseptics like tea tree oil. Collagen and Fat Injections for Smoother Skin A relatively painless and inexpensive way to fight wrinkles on your face. Collagen, fat injections, skin care, beauty, anti-wrinkle treatment Most surgical procedures, such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing are meant to remove the outer layers of skin, forcing new collagen growth which eventually fills in the wrinkles.

The opposite approach is to fill in the wrinkles with an injectable substance such as collagen or fat. This fills in viagra cialis levitra in Spokane Valley defects giving the skin a smoother appearance. The most common filler is bovine collagen. Since there is a risk of allergic reactions, a skin test is required before its use. There are now bioengineered collagen products that are non-allergic and do not require a skin test, as well as synthetic fillers. Another choice is a transplant of your own collagen or even fat removed by a mini-liposuction procedure just before injection.

Usually you will receive a local anesthetic and the collagen product will be injected directly under the surface of the skin. There may be some bruising or swelling in the treated areas. The collagen injection restores the skins natural collagen and you skin will look younger as it fills out. Just like your own natural collagen, injected collagen will eventually start to break down and need to be replaced. You might have to repeat the treatment several times a year. However, injected fat tends to last a lot longer and the results may be permanent, especially if it was injected into other areas in the face containing fat.

According to a report issued by the Harvard Medical School, a new product is being developed that is designed to produce new collagen as needed. Called BIsolagenB, it viagra cialis levitra in Spokane Valley a sample of your own skin to clone fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. Since this is a new procedure, its long term effects are still unknown. Anyone who watches movies or TV knows the results of overdoing these types of procedures. Many famous actresses wound up with lips reminiscent of Bozo the Clown from overzealous collagen injections. Make sure you use a doctor experienced in this procedure and be frank with him on the results you expect to receive. When properly done the results should be undetectable and natural looking, giving you another weapon against wrinkles and creases in your face. This article is for informational purposes only.

It does not purport to offer medical advice. Consult a qualified physician if you are interested in any of these procedures. Collagen injections on the forefront of cosmetic plastic surgery Collagen injections are buy viagra cialis levitra in Spokane Valley online fillers to fix problems on the face. Collagen is filled into the areas that need plumping-up. For removal of wrinkles, scars, and different marks these are the most suitable stuffs. Collagen can add volume to face giving it smooth appearance.


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