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The only way to stop the bad news is to never allow it to be created. So mind your actions because people listen to what you say, but they watch what you do. Place your hand over your heart and say… Let my principles be my guiding light, distilled from my highest wisdom about what is right. Let my morals stand tall and true, let them choose what I do. Now touch your head and say… So Be It. Make a difference today, put your foot down and be bold about upholding your honour. Adhere to your principles. Never do anything that would compromise your integrity and the trust people have in you. In return for your efforts, you will create more flow in your life; opportunities will come faster and more abundantly. You will have the chance to live your life to its fullest potential and splendour. So be a man of honour, your life depends on it.

Magnanimous means to have a generous, forgiving and noble nature. Simply put, magnanimous people have a big heart. They are gracious and kind, philanthropic and benevolent. A magnanimous gentleman gives generously and viagra cialis levitra in Euless nothing in return. He takes joy simply in seeing those around him happy. He is an intriguing conversationalist and tells jokes to make others laugh. A mans magnanimity does not allow him to easily take offence at the words and actions of others. Anything potentially offensive is simply seen for what it truly is… wind passing through the trees. Like bamboo, he will never break, but only bend with the direction of the wind. When you have mastered magnanimity, you will intuitively understand that there is a Law of Increasing Returns in the universe which states, Whatever you give out will come back to you ten times stronger.

For example, if you look down on someone, ten more people will look down on you. If you cheat 500 from an old woman, sometime down the road, you will lose 5000. Likewise, if you contribute 200 out of the goodness of your heart, 2000 will be available for you to earn back. Perhaps through your business or in a sudden lottery windfall. If you choose to let your greed get the better of you, manipulate others to your benefit, and refuse to help the needy, you can only expect poverty, hate and disappointment to head your way. You reap what you sow; you get whatever you give out. This is a universal law. A magnanimous man knows that helping buy viagra cialis levitra in Euless online does not exhaust his resources, but rather because of the Law of Increasing Returns, it increases his resources tenfold, allowing him to do more good for the world. Viagra cialis levitra in Euless knows that in helping others, he is also helping himself.

Develop the habit of solving other peoples problems and you become a more generative person. You produce and contribute more than the average guy, and thus earn more because you deliver more value to others. Take little steps starting today, to make these characteristics a part of your character. Help someone in need, keep a promise, dare to speak up. Challenge yourself to become a mans man Be Bold, be Honourable, Be Magnanimous. The Mediterranean Diet What The Greeks Know About Healthy Cuisine Is there a painless way to lower cholesterol and lose weight. Can you eat your way there. Oh sure, you might say; but wait, consider the merits of the Mediterranean Diet. Virgin olive oil may be the perfect replacement for butter and margarine. If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. - Elber.


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