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Testosterone is the most potent natural anabolic steroid. Testosterone is primarily secreted in the testicals of males and the ovaries of females. It is the principal male sex hormone. On average, the adult male body produces about twenty times the amount of testosterone of an adult females body. Testosterone naturally increases in males at puberty and causes these effects - Increased libido and erection frequency - Pubic hair extends to thighs and up toward umbilicus - Facial hair sideburns, beard, mustache - Chest hair, periareolar hair, perianal hair - Increased tendency for violence or aggressive - Subcutaneous fat in face decreases - Increased muscle strength and mass - Growth of spermatogenic tissue in testes, male fertility - Growth of jaw, brow, chin, nose, and remodeling of facial bone contours - Shoulders widen and rib cage expands The side effects of using anabolic steroids vary depending on the type of drug, dosage, duration of use and individual sensitivity and response.

To be straight with you, there are more stories and myths about steroid effects than you can poke a stick at. But some of the more common and documented effects include severe acne, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impotence, and mood swings. So if you think you can handle that, then youre all set. Well, not really. Besides the shrunken testicals, people who take large doses like whats needed for muscle gain can viagra cialis levitra in Minot control of their emotions and become irritable and really aggressive. Little things can make them hysterically angry. This is what is called "roid rage". A case study published in the Australian Medical Journal 165222-26 reviewed the evidence concerning the effects of anabolic steroids on the mind. The case centered on a 29-year-old bodybuilder who beat his wife to death using a weapon described as a claw hammer. While he committed this horrific act, his four children were in another part of the buy viagra cialis levitra in Minot. online He then shot himself in the head.

Before this incident, his home life had been described as happy. This doesnt mean if you take steroids you are going to lose it and become an angry incredible hulk. But it definitely rings warning bells. More Bad News - The problems dont stop when you stop taking roids either. People who use steroids buy viagra cialis levitra in Minot online develop a dependence on them. That means they will go through withdrawal when they stop using. They viagra cialis levitra in Minot feel sick to their stomach, have headaches, sweat a lot, feel dizzy and be depressed. Also, They are illegal - In case you were wondering Steroids are legal for use by veterinarians and doctors but it is illegal to sell or buy them on the street. When steroids are sold on the street or in a gym, they are often mixed with other things which only increases your risks.

Steroids are also banned from amateur sports like the Olympics and most professional sports. Several Olympic athletes have lost their medals after they were tested and found to have used steroids to bulk up. Steroids are going to increase your muscle mass - Hands Down. That doesnt necessarily mean your chest and biceps are going to pop out of your shirt first. There are some cases where users experienced very little gain on their chest and massive gain on their shoulders and traps. Who else wants to become the next hunchback. Not me. The Power of Antioxidants Times Three Antioxidants play a key role in cleaning up the destruction caused by free radicals. They clean house before free radicals get a chance to harm the body. When navigating through the myriad of choices in determining which product to choose in todays antioxidant saturated market, it is important to consider the following criteria quality of product; quantity and source of ingredient; reputation of manufacturing company; and cost.

antioxidants, xango, Tahitian noni, fruta vida, mangosteen, goji, acai, free radicals, xanthones, toxic, cancer, amigo juice, infection, disease, supplement, pericarp In the third grade I was told I could write a paper on any topic for an English homework assignment. I chose the subject of scurvy as viagra cialis levitra in Minot affected sailors who were away at sea for long periods of time and the resulting discovery of Vitamin C as its cure. I remember the paper well for I was literally transcended from ignorance to a place of awe at the intricacies of the human body and its response to nutrients. Today, antioxidants are the word on the street. They are used to boost energy forget caffeine - this stuff rocks. and these antioxidants fight infection, and address a whole range of health issues.

Before XanGo, Tahitian Noni, Fruta Vida, containing, respectively, mangosteen, goji, and acai and now Amigo Juice a marriage of all three super foods, we had Vitamin C, E, and A. For many of us, it was all about drinking that cup of orange juice at breakfast or taking a vitamin supplement. But today, we are not talking about just a punch but viagra cialis levitra in Minot real blow to sickness and disease, taking the form of antioxidant rich health beverages that many consumers swear by in their quest for wellness. Living in todays very toxic world, antioxidants deserve a special place in the area of nutritional supplements and are certainly worth examining closer to see what they are all about and learn how we can implement them into our daily routine. Quite simply put, at the molecular and cellular levels, antioxidants serve to deactivate certain particles called free radicals. In humans, free radicals usually come in the form of O2, the oxygen molecule. The oxygen molecule desires to be oxidized, and this oxidation process can sometimes be carcinogenic.

Free radicals are the natural by-products of many processes within and among cells. They are also created by exposure to various environmental factors, tobacco smoke and radiation. Of course, this certainly includes air quality and all the junk we put into our bodies that our immune system is forced to combat. If allowed to run amok, these free radicals can cause damage to cell walls, cell structures, and genetic material within the cell. They are the bully on the playground and need to be dealt a firm hand for the resulting damage can eventually lead to disease and ultimately death. Antioxidants play a key role in cleaning up the destruction caused by these free radicals.

They clean house before free radicals get a chance to harm the body.


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