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Poke is a common garden and roadside weed of northeastern North America, tall 5-7 feet with conspicuous dark purple berries and magenta-hued stalks. Dig roots after hard frost, when tops are dead and yellowed, viagra cialis levitra in Utica tincture, IfreshI, for six weeks in 100 proof vodka. BSiberian ginseng BIEleutherococcusI is widely considered the single most effective immune tonic and adaptogen in the herbal realm. Safe and inexpensive, it helps the buy viagra cialis levitra in Utica online system respond quickly to infection and mitigates the effects of stress.

B Astragalus root Bis also an excellent ally for building powerful immunity. Both, or either, may be taken daily for extended periods with no ill effects. I throw several pieces of these roots in every pot of soup I cook. Tincture is less effective as a tonic; and I avoid capsules completely. BGinseng rootB IPanax quinquefoliusI or IPanax ginsengI is another exceptional ally for the immune system, especially when there is physical or emotional stress. In any form tincture, tea, extract it nourishes production of interferon, phagocytes, antibodies, and killer T-cells. So long as you need ginseng, theres no overdose; if you take it when you dont need it however, it may produce an unpleasant, jittery, speedy sensation. But herbs alone are not enough. What we think, and what we consume, are also important parts of building strong immunity. Candace Pert, visiting professor of neuroscience at Rutgers University, has proven that every cell of the body participates in the immune system through an integrated network of chemical, electrical, and hormonal signals.

The immune system is a network, she says, which resonates with the vibrations that surround it. It is as affected by emotions as by bacteria, as impacted by thoughts as by drugs. Long-standing low-level depression, smoldering anger that is never expressed, bitterness and vengeance projected into the future are all known to depress immune functioning. Prayer, affirmations, positive thinking - no matter what you call it - talking lovingly to yourself builds powerful immunity. One of the fiercest old women I know, healer Margo Geiger, taught me to not only think good thoughts but also to unthink immune system stressing phrases like This is killing me, or Im dying to. Lets live for it. shed say. Specialized viagra cialis levitra in Utica which eliminate bacterial and viral infections are made as needed by the immune system. Richly supply your immune system with nutrients, and it easily counters infection, building healthy white blood cells to kill anthrax and other germs.

Starve your immune system and it will falter, leaving your lymph nodes and other tissues open to infection and destruction. My favorite foods for nourishing the immune system includeB beets, carrots, garlic, medicinal mushrooms, seaweedsB, and Bdark leafy greensB including nettle infusion. For rapid results, try miso soup with seaweed and wild mushrooms. Try BIImmune A Go Go SoupBI from my book IBreast Cancer. Breast Health!I BCarotenesB strengthen and activate all parts of the immune system, especially the thymus the "master gland of immunity". A half-cup of dandelion greens, two cups of nettle infusion, a small baked sweet potato, or two large cooked carrots or beets is a "dose"; but ten times that much can be consumed safely. Repeated doses provide a cumulative effect starting about a week after you begin. BSelenium Bis a trace mineral with special abilities for building a healthy immune system. Best sources are organic garlic, medicinal mushrooms, and astragalus. BZincB helps build energetic white blood cells which eliminate bacterial infections.

Best sources are Echinacea, nettles, and seaweed. The B vitamin complex, especially BB6B pyridoxine, is critical to immune system health. Best sources are potato skins, broccoli, prunes, and lentils. Virtually all drugs depress the immune system.


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