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Its functions are ejaculation of semen, voiding of urine and stools. Shushruta explains the process of erection and ejaculation as When a man has desire iccha to have sex, his response to touch increases Vayu located in skin causes viagra cialis levitra in Virginia Beach of signals from skin to brain, thus causing sensation of touch. This causes arousal or harsha. Arousal or Harsha intensifies actions of vayu and at this moment highly active vayu liberates the teja or heat of pitta. Thus tejas and vayu increase body temperatureheart beat and blood flow causing erection. Erection requires a sequence of events.

Erectile dysfunction can occur when any of the events is disturbed. Nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, around the penis and response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins, and arteries in and around the corpora cavernosa constitute this sequence of events. Injury to any of these parts which are part of this sequence nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, fibrous tissue can cause ED. Lowered level of testosterone hormone The primary male hormone is testosterone. After age 40, a mans testosterone level gradually declines. About 5 of men that doctors see for erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels. In many of these cases, low testosterone causes lower sexual interest, not erectile dysfunction.

The buy viagra cialis levitra in Virginia Beach online male body responds to testosterone. Even sushruta has illustrated about this response of body to the element Shukra. He has said "yatha payasi sarpistu goodashchekshow raso yatha shareereshu tatha shukram nrinaam vidyaadhbishagwara" This means " The shukra the element which helps in reproduction is present all over the body. This can be explained with the following examples. The ghee is present in milk in an invisible form. This is extracted from milk using many processes. The sugar is present all over the sugarcane.

It is extracted by subjecting the sugarcane to number of processes. Same way shukra is present all over the body. But the cream of shukra semen comes out of the body only during the process of ejaculation. But this process of ejaculation needs a joyful union of mind and body. Decrease in production of Shukra causes erectile dysfunction. physically and mentally Working for long hours in office, mental stress at office and home, short temperedness ,insufficient sleep cause erectile dysfunction. These causes are explained in ayurveda as "shoka chintaa, bhaya, traasaat. " which means that erectile dysfunction or Impotence occurs due to grief, fear, anxiety and terror. Strained relationship with sexual partner Erectile dysfunction also occurs when there is a disliking towards sexual partner. Ayurveda describes this as "naarinaamarasamjnatwaat. " means disliking for women. Diseases that cause Erectile dysfunction Neurological disorders, hypothyroidism, Parkinsons disease, anemia, depression, arthritis, endocrine disorders,diabetes, diseases related to cardiovascular system also become reasons for erectile dysfunction.


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