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Heated oils and fats when used in skin care products even in the so-called most natural ones- are actually one of the worst offenders to skin beauty. They contain highly toxic transfatty acids, which may be absorbed into the cell membranes, causing them to become porous and weak. Heating oils and fats also leads to the creation of free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that have lost an electron. Collagen, a protein molecule that constitutes 80 of the dermis, is particularly susceptible to free radical damage, which includes wrinkles, lingering scars and stiff collagen In contrast, cold-pressed fats and oils kept at low temperatures help to beautify buy viagra cialis levitra in Croydon online skin, strengthen the cell membranes and restore nutrients to the tissues.

In short, the best external skin care is to use products made using only 100 raw and living ingredients. At present, the only company in the world producing a range of such products is Raw Gaia. More information can be found at www. rawgaia. com Is Your Weight Stressing You Out. I have been asked recently, what is my secret for my weight loss. I jokingly just say I quit eating. But I am serious. Who says you must eat 3 meals every day. Did GOD tell Adam he must eat 3 balanced meals a day. I have also heard it said that to lose weight you must eat Viagra cialis levitra in Croydon meals a day. Wow, who comes up with this stuff. What I have found to be true in all my current research is this. Most people who are over- weight; and how many people do you know that are not ove. weight loss, over weight, obese, diet, liquid nutrition,stress,fasting, What I have found to be true in all my current research is this.

Most people who are over- weight; and how many people do you know that are not over weight, especially our children. are overweight because their body is suffering from mal-nutrition. You may ask, how can someone 100lbs over their ideal body weight be suffering from mal-nutrition. Folks, as we have all heard it many times before, and this is my opinion, there is nothing good in processed food. NaDa, zero, zilch. The box it is in may contain as much nutrition. This is a Major clue If it wont start to rot on the way home from the store, DONT Buy IT!!.

You can put processed foods out in your garage for days and most bugs wont touch it. HOW COME. I am serious; try it with margarine. Think about it. And at best the whole food we do eat just has trace amounts of the minerals and vitamins our body needs. Folks, this is Common Sense. If the foods we eat are dead, our body will just cry, and beg for more and more and more hoping that it may get something nutritional. Thats why we are always hungry. Think about this. How many times a day DO YOU put something in your mouth. Most of us dont eat three meals per day. WE EAT all day long. The snack food companies are getting rich. Read my short tip on High Fructose Corn Syrup and do some research yourself. GOD did not design our digestive system to have to process food all day long. Wow, what a brainstorm, Tedro is on to something. Have you ever heard of FASTING. Just Fast one day a week drink only water and your body will rejoice. Yes !. As I have said before, we must supplement our diet with nutritional products preferably liquid for absorption.


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